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February 13 2015

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Hogwarts Yearbook » Slytherin Pages (pt.1)

Pages 364-368 ft. Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass

(aesthetic insp.)

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My boys! Blue thought, first in a huff, then flattered, then in a huff again.
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BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 05: Actress Kat Graham attends the 2015 Billboard Power 100 Celebration at Bouchon on February 5, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.
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make me choose: keelena asked brooke davis or callie torres
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Katherine Pierce Week: Day 3 - favourite platonic relationship
                             → bonnie bennet x katherine pierce
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Katherine Pierce Week: Day 4 - favourite romantic relationship
                   → Katherine and Elena

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katherine pierce week | favorite romantic relationship: katherine and elijah
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gailsimone ain’t lying. Today is a very good day for women in comics.

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I got troubles oh, but not today
Cause they’re gonna wash away
They’re gonna wash away

LOST + water
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chandler and phoebe asking the important questions
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Katherine Pierce Week! February 9th - February 15th

  • Day 2 - Favorite Platonic Relationship: Katherine & Caroline
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Want. Take. Have.
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February 12 2015


it is year 2027. game of thrones looks to be finally over. all of your favorite characters are dead. but wait. a tiny boat rows ashore. it’s gendry. it’s gendry waters. he’s returned

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hi, my name is caroline forbes and I am a good vampire.

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